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Our Services

Project Planning

We specialise in assisting you with the creation, day-to-day management and on-site delivery of your events, saving you the long hours, late nights, and endless emails.

Not only do we look to deliver a truly memorable experience for your audience, but we also look at providing an exceptional service to you, the organiser, ensuring the pre-event planning stages are as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Budget Managment

Budgeting for an event can be a painful procedure.

We’ll take all the pressure off your hands, drawing up a fully inclusive budget for your approval.

Your event manager will skilfully negotiate with all suppliers on your behalf to get you the very best price we can. We calculate variable costs and monitor budget surplus and help you to save money but add value to your event.

No two events are the same. Even if it is the same occasion, the approach you used last year will change this year. Many factors are responsible for this, such as budget realities, differing preferences, new Exhibitors and Sponsors, and so on.

Our budgeting process considers the unique nature of every event and prepares a checklist to accommodate the possible requirements. A good budget lays the foundations for what can be achieved with the event and takes care of things that need to be scaled back.


The smooth co-ordination and communication can make or break a flawlessly planned event.

With a vast knowledge and experience in event logistics management, we can work on your behalf in partnership with venues and suppliers to ensure the smooth running of your event.

Vibrant Events are on hand to assist you as much or as little as you require, our service can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Our experience covers a range of logistical programme details including the following to name a few

  • Site Inspections
  • Delegate Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Transport Management
  • Technical and Production Management

We are on hand to work with you to help deliver a successful event and exceed expectations.

Venue & Supplier Liaison

Our team will spend time getting to understand what you need and then investigate venues in the right geographical location, with suitable space and availability, at a price to suit your budget.

We will identify a choice of suitable venues to present to you and negotiate on your behalf to secure the best value.

Your dedicated event production team will see the project through from start to finish, with a highly skilled project manager on hand to offer you support and expertise throughout the event planning process, from supplier liaison and on-site management to ensure the seamless execution of your event.

We work with certified and proven third party suppliers including Caterers, staging, animators, designers & digital marketers, electrics providers, photographers and videographers.

Contract Handling

A contract is to protect all parties involved within the event or function including the event planner, clients, vendors and venue.

Contracts help eliminate miscommunication and provide for options in the event an agreed-upon detail is not performed.

Our dedicated support team will work with all parties to eliminate miscommunication and provide for options in the event an agreed-upon detail is not performed.

We aim to build client relationships with excellent results, and continue that partnership after the event.

Food & Refreshments

Many events already include catering, but we are flexible to suit your budget, the location, and your desired timings.

We expect to manage all aspects of the catering for the day and will present you with various options as we build your event.

We work with some truly outstanding event caterers and we would be delighted to share our accumulated knowledge with you whether for a beach BBQ, festival or high-level evening event.

Onsite Management

Most of our events are completely flexible in terms of location, timings and itinerary; our speciality is tailoring the event content around your company or business objectives, creating an event unique to you.

With in-house capabilities and an established industry network, we provide extensive on-site event support and offer a range of services and staffing requirements.